ICT Industry

What is the ICT Industry?

The ICT industry over the last few years has expanded to include the convergence of technologies across a number of industry areas. These areas include networking, web development, software development, database integration, sustainability, digital and interactive games and digital media technologies.

The Federal Government has recently committed to initiatives such as the high speed National Broadband Network (NBN) roll out, the Digital Economy, Digital Education Revolution (DER) computers in school program and the implementation of the “Green ICT” sustainability strategy, all which will impact significantly on the ICT sector.

The ICT industry needs to cater for those seeking a professional career pathway in ICT as well as those seeking the ICT skills to support careers in a myriad of associated industries.

Areas within the ICT industry include:

  • Interactive and digital games

  • Digital media technologies

  • Broadband/wireless

  • Cloud computing

  • Social web technologies

  • Mobile devices

  • Network security

  • Digital literacy

  • IP based communications, broadcasting, switching and transmission

There is a huge importance on the reliance of ICT to economies and societies through increased productivity and innovation. As a developed economy, largely fuelled by the creation and application of knowledge, Australia continues to rely on and be a major beneficiary of ICT.