Draft Industry Code for Telecommunications and Data Cabling Business


A revised “INDUSTRY CODE FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND DATA CABLING BUSINESS” requires that industry wide consultation is undertaken. Part of this process is that we display the code for businesses  to provide comments and feedback on the Code.




The Industry Code objectives includes:

(1)          Guide telecommunications and data cabling businesses in the delivery of fit-for-purpose cabling installations and quality maintenance practices by:

(a) promoting client safety and network integrity; and

(b) assuring Telecommunications customer cabling work is consistent with industry standards;


(2)          improve the level of compliance in the industry with cabling regulation as administered by the ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority);


(3)          extend the self-regulatory process to Cabling Service Operators engaged in cabling work;


(4)          increase public awareness of the essential aspects of the ACMA Cabling Provider Rules consistent with accepted industry guidelines;


(5)          encourage Businesses to improve customer/client services by  introduction of Quality Assurance systems and processes; and


(6)          provide signatories with a promotional tool for public display to consumers indicating compliance to a code where national standards are applied to ensure enhanced customer service commitment for   customers


A full copy of the “Industry Code for Telecommunications and Data Cabling Businesses” can be viewed here.


Any comments or feedback on this code should be emailed to info@citt.com.au